Probe beams

Something has started to happen (circle Smilie: ;) )


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LIGO and General Relativity

Two days ago I have posted a link to the article about LIGO experiment. Here you can find nice clip with this interferometer observed from the air:

If you want to explore fundamentals of General Relativity, here is the “super-painless guide” guide to this theory.

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Quantum Shorts 2014

Awesome films about physics. Some of them looks like full-professional productions. And the most important is their topic Smilie: :) – one of the most influential paradigms – Quantum Physics.

Watch, vote, have fun!!!

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Looking for gravitational wave

LIGO interferometer is about to start journey into the world of General Relativity predictions. Will it succeed in Einstein’s theory confirmation? Hope we will see soon. Read here the full story.

LIGO interferometer

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That dress

There is a lot of scientific and non-scientific discussion on “that dress” colours. Problem started to be wide-media popular when celebrities started to engage into this twitter’s debate. Now it is one of the most “important” news around the globe…. .

The question is: how to convince celebrities to discuss real scientific problems? Let’s try:

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Time-reversal violation with quantum-entangled B mesons

Very nice article has been published in last edition of Reviews of Modern Physics. Here is the abstract:

Symmetry transformations have been proven a bedrock tool for understanding the nature of particle interactions, formulating, and testing fundamental theories. Based on the up to now unbroken CPT symmetry, the violation of the CPsymmetry between matter and antimatter by weak interactions, discovered in the decay of kaons in 1964 and observed more recently in 2001 in B mesons, strongly suggests that the behavior of these particles under weak interactions must also be asymmetric under time reversal T. However, until recent years there has not been a direct detection of the expected time-reversal violation in the time evolution of any system. This Colloquium examines the field of time-reversal symmetry breaking in the fundamental laws of physics. For transitions, its observation requires an asymmetry with exchange of initial and final states. A discussion is given of the conceptual basis for such an exchange with unstable particles, using the quantum properties of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entanglement available at B meson factories combined with the decay as a filtering measurement. The method allows a clear-cut separation of different transitions between flavor and CP eigenstates in the decay of neutral B mesons. These ideas have been implemented for the experiment by the BABAR Collaboration at SLAC’s B factory. The results, presented in 2012, prove beyond any doubt the violation of time-reversal invariance in the time evolution between these two states of the neutral B meson.

Colloquium: Time-reversal violation with quantum-entangled B mesons” was published on 23th of February. Link to the article:

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At ALICE experiment in LHC we expect to observe and study a very special matter phase – quark-gluon plasma. Take a ride and see this awesome equipment.

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LHC – 13 TeV nearer and nearer :)

Cryogenics is ready Smilie: :)


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LHC – new season.

SUSY? WIMPs? New Physics?
Really can’t wait!

Look, it is almost cold enough!


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New evidence?

Can we use Earth’s history as an proof of dark matter existence?

ScienceMag – Did Dark Matter Kill Dinosaurs?

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